Madaba & Mount Nebo


is situated on the king's highway, at a distance of 40 Km south of Amman. It is famed for its mosaics dating from the Byzantine era, many of which are located in private homes, discovered when owners dug the foundations. The map of the holy land at St. George's church dates from the 6th century AD and is the most preserved of its kind in the world, its clarity and precision helped archaeologists discover many other important sites in Jordan and the West Bank. Also found in this marvelous town is the Church of the Apostles.



Mount Nebo

This Monastery is located on a hill overlooking the Holy Land and is believed to be the burial place of Moses. The custodians of the monastery are Franciscan monks most notable of whom is Father Picirillo, an archaeologist who has written many books on the history and archaeology of the Holy Land. It contains some of the most impressive mosaics in the world.